How to get Commercial Vehicle Title Loans in California

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Commercial Vehicle Pink Slip Loans in California – What do you need to know?

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When you need a title loan in California you must understand some basic facts first and foremost.  In the state of California the smallest loan you can get is $2,500 and this is because of a state law by the department of business oversight.

So, first and foremost you commercial vehicle needs to have at least enough equity, generally $4,000 plus to get a title loan in it because the title loan lender will use your vehicle as collateral.    Why do you need more equity than the minimum loan amount?  This is because the lender will want to make sure that if you default on the loan the lender will not lose money.  Lender’s will typically only lend anywhere from 60-80% loan to value of the equity in your vehicle.  Title Loan Lender’s are in business to make money.

So, what else is important to get a commercial title loan?  The following factors will come into play–some more than others.

  • The make, model, and mileage on your car, truck, suv or commercial vehicle
  • Does the vehicle have over 200,000 miles on it?  In most cases you will need a diesel truck to qualify
  • Do you have a salvage title or a clean title?
  • Is the vehicle paid off?  Or, do you need to refinance your title loan first.
  • What is your personal credit score?  In general title loan lenders are not as concerned about credit score, and this is because the vehicle is used as collateral and the higher interest rates
  • What is your monthly income?  In California you will need at least $1,200 a month to get a loan
  • Are you in a current bankruptcy?  If so, it is unlikely you will be able to get a vehicle collateral loan in Californias
  • Do you have other sources of income…like rental income, or royalties, or a side job or business?
  • Do you have professional references like current employment or people who can verify your work history?
  • What about personal preferences – such as family members or friends who can vouch for your character?
  • Pictures of the vehicle
  • Being able to prove the mileage on the vehicle
  • The physical title itself
  • You will also need 100% insurance on the vehicle, just having liability insurance will not suffice as the lender wants to ensure that if the vehicle is in a wreck your loan gets paid off.

If you need money instantly due to a medical emergency, college tuition, vehicle expenses, rental payments, a mortgage payment, or other problems a commercial vehicle title loan may be a way you can get money quickly.  To find out more simply call Family Title Loans toll free at (844) 254-7170 or go to the application page here.  Best of all, there is no commitment to calling, and no pressure.  You can find out within as little as 5 minutes if you qualify for a auto collateral loan.

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I had to pay my property taxes and couldn’t get a personal loan from the bank, so I found Family Title Loans online and they were abble to get me approved fast for a car title loan on my Toyota Camry. Thanks Family Title Loans!

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My friends had told me aboutFamily Title Loans services and when I was short on cash I thought I would give it a chance. I was glad I did as one of their licensed vendors got me the money I need the same day!

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