How to Refinance a Title Loan in California

Do you have an existing car title loan in California and need to get extra money, a lower interest rate, or a different payment plan.  No matter what situation you find yourself in Family Title Loans can help you refinance an existing pink slip or auto title loan today!



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Let’s cover how auto title loans work and then secondly what you need to do to refinance a loan.  The basics of a car title loan are pretty simple.  The lender will loan you money on the equity in your vehicle, so to begin with the following things are needed.

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Step one:  A vehicle with equity that can meet California’s guidelines on title loans.  The smallest loan you can get in the state of California is $2,510.  So, you need to have a vehicle that can qualify for that loan amount.  Generally, lenders will loan you anywhere from 60-80% of the loan-to-value of your vehicle.

Step two:  You will need to have possession of the title, and it (in most cases) can’t have another lien on it.  In this case since you are re-financing a title loan it will have a lien on it, probably from another car title loan lender.  So, you need to provide information to Family Title Loan’s and the lenders they work with information on who has your current title loan.

Step three:  Monthly income of at least $1,200.  This income needs to be able to be verified and proven so that companies can know you can pay back the loan.  The more money you can show that you make the better.

Step four:  You will need 100% insurance on your vehicle.  Liability insurance only will not work.  This is because the lender is taking a financial interest in your vehicle and if you are in a wreck the lender needs to protect their asset.  Likely, if you have a loan right now you will already have this.

Step five:  You will need to have personal references and professional references

Step six: Pictures of the vehicle

Step seven: You will need to be able to prove the mileage on your car.  If the vehicle has more than 200,000 miles on it–it is unlikely it will qualify for a large amount unless it has a diesel engine in it.

Step eight:  You can not be in a current or have a pending bankruptcy.

Step nine:  The lender will run your credit, however, a high credit score is not required to get or to refinance your title loan.

Step ten:  The lender will also, of course, want to know the make/brand model, and other aspects of your vehicle.

How quickly can you get money when you refinance an auto title loan?

This is a great question, but in reality it depends on a few things.  The main thing is how quickly you get the lender the information they need to be able to validate the information.  Once the lender has that information you can get the money very quickly.  The turn-around-time for a car title loan lender is generally 2 or 3 days if you are moving quickly, but it can also be in as little as 1 day.

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