How to get a good pink slip loan in Los Angeles

Sometimes there are times in life when financial emergencies strike.  It’s times like these where considering a pink slip loan in Los Angeles may make sense to pay for these unexpected bill.  Whether that bill is a car repair, needing to pay a mortgage, rent that is due, medical bills, tuition bills, or something else you can get a pink slip loan very quickly if certain conditions are met.

First, let’s explain how a pink slip loan–also known as a car title loan in California works.  Lenders must be regulated by the department of business oversight in California.  Also, you must understand that for a lender to be able to lend you money, or willing, you must have enough equity in your car to get a auto title loan.  In California, due to the department of business oversight, the lowest loan amount you can get is $2,500.  So, therefore a lender will probably require at least $4,000 or more of equity in your vehicle for you to qualify for a loan.  Why do you have to have more equity than the loan you want to get?  To put it simply, the lender is taking a risk by lending you the money, and the lender wants to take the least financial risk possible.  So, the lender will use a tool like the Kelly Blue Book to determine how much your car can be re-sold for if you default on the loan.  That means you do risk losing your vehicle if you do you not pay your monthly payments on your pink slip loan.

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To get into the details of how a pink slip loan works let’s go over the following requirements or things that a lender will want to see before they give you a loan:


  • Identification – like a driver’s license to prove who you are
  • Possession of the vehicle’s title
  • Is the title you have a salvage title or a clean title?
  • Full coverage insurance on your vehicle – not just liability
  • A vehicle that has under 200,000 miles on it–unless it is a diesel truck–then it may still qualify
  • Personal and professional references
  • Pictures of the vehicle
  • Proof of the mileage
  • The vehicle, unless you are going to refinance your existing loan into a title loan, must be paid off.

These are the basic criteria if you are looking to get a loan quickly.

How quickly can you get a loan?

It really comes down to if your vehicle qualifies for a loan and how quickly you get the lender the paperwork they need to make a decision.  In some cases loans have funded the same day if the lender can get the required paperwork very quickly.  However, in most cases it is reasonable to expect 1 to 3 business days.  This is much faster than traditional bank financing.

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