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If you are in the market for car title loan in California it is probably because you have a financial emergency and need cash very quickly.  These loans go by the names of pink slip loans, or vehicle collateral loans, or auto title loans.  No matter what your financial situation or need you may be able to qualify.  The lender’s generally are not concerned if you have a poor credit history, unpaid bills–they mostly care about the auto you will be using to get your title loan.

This article will explain the main features of California car title loans and how they work and the benefits they have:


California Car title loans main benefit is that you can borrow money very quickly in California, in sometimes as little as a day without having a great credit record or great credit score.  A car title loan is based on the equity in your vehicle.  So, to get a loan the first thing you need to do is have possession of your title and enough equity in your vehicle to be able to qualify for a loan.  In California, except in certain situations, the minimum loan amount is set by the California Department of Business Oversight and has a minimum loan amount of $2,510.  So, to get a a minimum loan amount of $2,510 in most cases you’ll need a car pickup truck, SUV, or other vehicle worth at least $4,000 or more.  There are some exceptions to this, however.  The lender will determine the value of your vehicle using a tool like the Black Book or something similar.

What other things are required?  To begin with you’ll need identification, the title itself (unless you are planning on re-financing a title loan) and proof of insurance on the vehicle.  You’ll need to prove the mileage of the vehicle, along with the type of vehicle it is–make/model/brand/trim/etc.  In most cases the lender will not loan you money on your vehicle unless you have less than 200,000 miles–but in some situations there are low value loan amounts that can work for this.

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What are the other main features of California car title loans:

  • You can have a poor credit rating
  • You can have past due medical bills, rent payments, or mortgage payments
  • You can get the money quickly–sometimes in as little as a day or 2.
  • You get to keep driving your car while you make payments
  • The payments are generally low enough.
  • There are no prepayment penalties on car title loans in California


If you are interested in getting money quickly call TOLL FREE at (844) 254-7170 or go here for the application page at Family Title Loans.  Our staff has been trained to be educated and help you get the money you need, and to not have a high-pressure sleazy sales tactic.  Feel free to call with questions, and if you get nobody on the phone, be sure to leave a message and someone will contact you immediately.


Learn more about California here.  Family Title Loans serves many cities in California and can help you get the fast cash you need.

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