Cash Advance for a Pink Slip in San Diego

If you are facing a financial emergency and need money quickly one thing you can do is get cash by borrowing against your car’s equity.  These type of loans are called pink slip loans or auto title loans and Family Title Loans can help you get them.

How do cash advance pink slip loans work in San Diego?

Also known as title loans these pink slip loans can be a fast way to get money for a financial emergency.  The benefits of a car title loan are speed and that you can have a poor credit history or bad credit score and sometimes still get money.

How fast can you get the money?

It depends on how quick you get the documents to the lender, but generally, you can have the money within 24 to 48 hours.  The faster you move the faster you get the money!

What type of credit score do you need?

This depends on the lender, and to some extent, the make/model/vehicle and mileage on your car or truck.  If you have a newer vehicle that has low miles on your vehicle, then, in general you will be less of a risk to the lender.  In most cases, but this depends, you can have a lower credit score in the mid to low 500’s and still qualify for a vehicle title loan as long as the vehicle qualifies?

What type of vehicles qualify for a cash advance pink slip loan?

In general, vehicles with less than 200,000 miles are step one.  You’ll need to have enough equity to get the minimum loan amount of $2,510 in the state of California

You will also need to be able to prove the mileage of your car is accurate and the odometer has not been adjusted, you will need to have possession of the title unless you want to refinance your car title loan.

What other things will impact my chances of a cash advance loan for a pink slip in California?

You will need to have a monthly income of at least $1,200, plus, you will need to be able to verify this income.  You’ll also need to have insurance on the vehicle, and be able to provide some personal information such as identification, employment verification, sources of income, personal and professional references, photographs of the car, truck, SUV, or vehicle.

In most cases we recommend a car title loan being used as a short-term loan.  The interest rates can be higher than traditional financing due to the lower credit history and credit score requirements to get a loan.  As always, do your own research and decide on your own before you do anything.

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  • When you call have your mileage of your vehicle
  • The make, model and trim is helpful
  • Your monthly income
  • Your name, phone number, and email address


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Dan Hernandez

I was really surprised at the amount of money I received from my loan on my truck’s title! The process here is really painless and I was approved in about 5 minutes and was able to pick up the money the same day.

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Tamika Bennett

I had to pay my property taxes and couldn’t get a personal loan from the bank, so I found Family Title Loans online and they were abble to get me approved fast for a car title loan on my Toyota Camry. Thanks Family Title Loans!

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Arin Riley

My friends had told me aboutFamily Title Loans services and when I was short on cash I thought I would give it a chance. I was glad I did as one of their licensed vendors got me the money I need the same day!

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