Top Shooting Ranges to Visit in Sacramento, CA

Sacramento has some of the best shooting ranges in the state, perfect for people of all skill levels. If you’re looking for a great shooting range in the Sacramento area, you’ve come to the right place. There is a shooting range for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran. Our website lists five of the best shooting ranges in Sacramento, CA.

The Gun Range

A large selection of firearms is at The Gun Range in Sacramento, located on Northgate Boulevard. In addition to offering training courses and classes, this range offers a wide selection of firearms. The Gun Range offers private instruction and a 16-lane outdoor range. They have an indoor range with ten lanes and an outdoor range with sixteen lanes. They also have an on-site gun store where you can pick up supplies and ammunition.

Sacramento Gun Range

The Sacramento Gun Range is another excellent option for a great shooting experience. It is located on Gateway Park Drive, and it has 10 lanes of both indoor and outdoor ranges. They offer handgun rentals and private instruction for those who prefer more personalized attention. Additionally, this range offers a variety of safety classes so that everyone can stay safe while shooting.

Placer Sporting Club

Placer Sporting Club is the perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. This facility is located on Highway 49, and it features 11 different shooting ranges with various targets, including clay pigeons, paper targets, steel plates, and more. Through private lessons and classes this club offers, you can also improve accuracy and safety while using firearms.

One on One Firearms

When improving your skills without dealing with other shooters, One on One Firearms is a great choice. To ensure everyone remains safe while using firearms, this facility offers private lessons in handgun and rifle shooting and safety courses. A five-lane indoor range allows you to practice at your own pace without worrying about other shooters interfering with you.

Liberty Firearms Training

In Sacramento, Liberty Firearms Training is also an excellent choice for shooters who want to improve their skills. The facility offers a wide range of firearms training courses along with private instruction so that everyone can gain the individual attention they need to become a better marksman. You can also practice comfortably without worrying about other shooters getting in your way at Liberty Firearms Training’s indoor range, which has seven lanes.

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