Checking the Flow of the Rivers of Jacksonville, FL

Rivers are a natural part of the landscape in Jacksonville, Florida. From the Trout River to Pottsburg Creek, the city is home to many interesting and beautiful bodies of water. In this article, we’ll explore some of the rivers that make up Jacksonville’s unique geography and provide some interesting facts about each. Our website prepared this list for tourists wanting to learn more about what makes Jacksonville a special place.

Trout River

The Trout River is located in north-central Jacksonville near its border with Baldwin. This river forms part of the St. Johns River system, which flows south to form part of Florida’s Atlantic coastline. The Trout River is approximately 8 miles long and has a mean depth of 6 feet, although it can become shallow during dry periods or when there is heavy rainfall in nearby areas. Due to its relatively low depth, recreational boaters and anglers often use Trout River.

Arlington River

The Arlington River also lies within Jacksonville’s city limits and runs through its southwest corner near Arlington Road and University Boulevard South. This river has an average width of around 100 feet and a mean depth of 4 feet but can exceed 10 feet at certain points along its course, thanks to numerous tributaries that feed into it from the surrounding area. The Arlington River offers plenty for visitors looking for outdoor activities like fishing or simply enjoying nature’s beauty as they take a leisurely stroll along its bankside trails.

Cedar River

The Cedar River is another major body of water in Jackson County on Florida’s east coast, close to downtown Jacksonville Beach. This river has an average width of around 30 feet with depths ranging from 5-10 feet on average, depending on weather conditions and other factors such as tidal fluctuations throughout the year. It’s also known for being rich in wildlife, including various species of fish, turtles, gators, and other aquatic creatures, which can be seen while standing along its bankside trails or out on boats exploring further downstream away from civilization.

Ribault River

Ribault River is another river found within Jackson County’s borders just southwest of downtown Jacksonville Beach near Mayport Village off Heckscher Drive Northwards towards US Hwy 17 Southbound towards Green Cove Springs Bayou & St Marys Sound Areas. This river has a mean depth between 11-12 ft but varies depending on seasonal rains & tides. Ribault River is known as an excellent spot for fishing due to its wide variety & abundance of species, so if you’re looking for some bass, catfish, trout, etc, then this would be your ideal spot. It’s also popular among kayakers & canoeists due to its scenic views & easy access points.

Pottsburg Creek

Pottsburg Creek lies just eastward from downtown Jacksonville Beach off Mayport Road, where it meanders towards Fort George Island before emptying into St John Sound via Nassau Sound. This creek has an average width between 28-32 ft with depths ranging from 7-9 ft during normal summer months but can reach up to 20ft during winter storms. Pottsburg Creek provides plenty of opportunities for activities such as fishing, kayaking, bird watching or just relaxing by the shoreline while admiring nature’s beauty all around you.

Broward River

Finally, Broward River sits at the convergence between Ortega Bluff & Cedar Point Park off Broward Road, heading towards US Hwy 90 Westbound until it reaches Black Creek before draining into St John Sound near Mandarin Pointe Park. Broward River has an average width between 40-45 ft with depths ranging from 15-20 ft, making it an ideal spot for larger vessels like motorboats or yachts looking to cruise downriver without worrying about hitting shallow spots along their journey upstream or downstream.

In conclusion, there are many amazing rivers located throughout Jacksonville that offer something unique whether you’re looking for outdoor recreation opportunities or want to enjoy some peace & serenity away from busy city life scenery, these rivers provide the perfect backdrop for any occasion needs. From Trout River down to Pottsburg Creek, each one offers its own uniqueness that contributes much to why Jackson County is considered “River City. “If you ever have the opportunity to visit, don’t forget to take the time to explore these wonderful rivers. You won’t regret it! Our website prepared this list so you can better understand why these rivers are an important part of what makes Jackson County a great place live, work, and play!

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