Exploring Jacksonville’s Historical Markers

Jacksonville, Florida, has a rich history that can be explored in various ways. One way to learn about the city’s past is through historical markers. These markers are placed throughout the area to commemorate significant events and people that have contributed to the culture of Jacksonville. These markers are a great way for visitors and locals alike to get an insight into the city’s vibrant history. Our website created a list of Jacksonville’s more notable historical markers.

Birth of the Allman Brothers Band Marker

The Birth of the Allman Brothers Band marker pays homage to one of rock music’s most iconic bands. This marker stands in memory of Duane and Gregg Allman, who formed their band in 1969 while living in Jacksonville. It is located near Shantytown, a park dedicated to the Allman Brothers Band and their influence on music throughout Florida.

Van Zant House

The Van Zant House is another popular historical marker in Jacksonville. The house was built in 1884 by Thomas Van Zant, a prominent figure in early Jacksonville politics and civic affairs. This impressive Victorian-style house has been restored and still stands today as an example of Old Florida architecture.

The Mungen House

The Mungen House was built by William Mungen, a prominent lawyer who founded several businesses in downtown Jacksonville during the late 19th century. The house was built between 1874 and 1875, making it one of the oldest standing homes in downtown Jacksonville. The house still stands today, though only part remains intact due to its age and condition.

Camp Springfield (Cuba Libre) Historic Marker

Camp Springfield (Cuba Libre) Historical Marker commemorates Camp Springfield, constructed by Cuban exiles during the Spanish-American War as an army camp for US troops stationed there from 1898–1902. It was later renamed “Cuba Libre” after Cuba achieved its independence from Spain following the war. The marker stands at what used to be Camp Springfield today as a reminder of this important piece of Jacksonville’s history.

Fort Hatch

The Fort Hatch marker pays tribute to this military fortification constructed by Confederate forces during the Civil War. It guarded St. Johns River and kept Union ships from entering or leaving Jacksonville harbor until 1865, when it fell into Union hands following General Sherman’s march through Georgia and South Carolina. The fort still exists today, although it has been heavily altered over time due to its changing uses over many years since then, such as housing government offices, warehouses, schools, churches, and even jails!

From honoring influential figures like Duane & Gregg Allman up through military landmarks like Fort Hatch – exploring these historic markers provides visitors with an interesting glimpse into what makes up Jacksonville’s colorful past! Whether you’re visiting or just passing through, take some time to explore these fascinating pieces of local history!

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