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Are you looking for a fun weekend destination in a place you can relax, enjoy great food, and even better views? In Oakland, you can experience all of these things, and more. You may even have the opportunity to learn a few things during your adventure in Oakland! Use this article as a starting point to great places to visit and things to experience in Oakland, California!


Called one of the “best educational centers in the United States”, as well as being one of the top attractions in all of Oakland, this space and science center is a must see. Visitors have the chance to learn about the planet, and the whole Universe. Founded in 1883 as an observatory, the center offers many innovative exhibits and displays that explore life on Earth and in the universe. A stunning forest of redwood trees surround this Center. It offers scholars, students, visitors and even amateur astronomers a wide variety of interactive programs, classes, hands on workshops, and various special events. The Center also has three incredible telescopes that are available to the public and allow visitors to experience the vast area that make up the universe around us.

ADDRESS-10000 Skyline



This is a large tidal lagoon that is surrounded by a beautiful green parkland and urban city neighborhoods. It is also the home of the first official, as well as oldest designated wildlife refuge in all of the US. There are several artificial islands around the Lake, and they are home to many different bird species. This heart-shaped lake has over 3 miles of grass lines shores, along with paths and walkways for walking and hiking. This is the perfect place to visit if you have kids as well! There is a boating center that rents various kinds of boats, and they even offer sailing classes! There is also an amusement park for Fairy-Tale fans.

LOCATION-East of Downtown Oakland


This beautifully manicured garden has intricate paths and walkways, a beautiful reflecting pool, cascading fountain and numerous roses too many to count. This garden is named after Mayor Frank Morcom, who actually planted the very first rose in the garden in 1933. This beautiful garden is known to be a place that you can find peace and tranquility. Special events are also held here, and it is a very romantic spot in the city of Oakland.

ADDRESS-700 Jean St



Would you like an interesting and delicious trip through some of Oakland’s (and other parts of California!) fabulous food scene? Then Edible Excursions is for you! You can take an unique and intimate stroll through various eateries. It is lead by a team of expert epicurean guides that will take you through places such as the famous Ferry Building Marketplace, Alcatraz, historic Japantown and even the craft bar scene. If you are into a bit more gourmet food, there is a definitely a tour that will interest you! A tour of iconic Gourmet Ghetto, and a visit to Temescal. You have the chance to meet the owners of most of these well-known establishments, as well as a tasty sampling of their fare.

ADDRESS-71 Cuvier St, San Francisco



Designed with the idea of an Indian temple in mind, this theater is one of the city’s most interesting attractions! This former movie theater was turned into a concert hall after falling into disrepair and reopening in 2009. This 2,800 seat concert hall is home to the Oakland School for the Arts, and is also on the National Register of Historic Places. This great theater would also be the perfect setting for a romantic date night. There are live concerts from many notable artists!

ADDRESS-1807 Telegraph Ave



Established in the 1960’s, this museum is dedicated to “telling the story of California”. Its aim is to help inspire all Californians to create a better future not only for themselves, but also their communities. You can find over 2 million objects dedicated to the natural science, art, and history of the state of California. They have an array of exhibits, displays, and programs that feature historical artifacts and photographs that explore some of various factors that helped shape California into what it is today.

ADDRESS-1000 Oak St



You will find delicious rustic Italian dishes that are made from locally sourced and organic products here at Bellanico. They are open for brunch, lunch, and dinner. Some of the unique offerings are Fulton Valley Poultry, Australian Lamb, and wild caught fish and shrimp. They also offer a wine bar with an emphasis on Italian varieties, which is served by the glass or various smaller sizes so they can be tasted and compared easily.

ADDRESS=4238 Park Blvd



This beautiful animal sanctuary is located in Southeastern part of the city, and is home to 440 animals. It covers 100 acres, and features modern exhibits as well as natural habits that visitors can see how the animals live. It is educational as well, featuring interactive displays and programs that visitors can learn about many of the zoo’s inhabitants. It is knowns for its great elephant exhibit, as well as the Valley Children’s Zoo. There is an interactive play area for children, and you can find many unusual animals here, too. Ring-tailed lemurs, century-old Aldabra tortoises, bats, and even pot-bellied pigs can be found here!

ADDRESS-9777 Golf Links Road


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