Aerosports Trampoline Park in Corona

There is a lot to do in Corona, California and after visiting for a short time you might even want to visit the local nature preserve. There will be a lot of great picture opportunities so make sure you bring your camera! If you need some help funding your vacation or family trip just go here.

Whether you are a kid or an adult, Aerosports Trampoline Parks is an amazing place to visit. They have several party rooms so there is enough space for large group parties with family and friends. Comfortable sitting areas with massage chairs and sofas make your visit calm and relaxing. Even if your kid is too little for the larger jump area, they can enjoy the little kid jump area. No one gets excluded from the fun!

Before jumping on the trampolines, make sure you read the rules and warning signs to stay safe while at the park. Make sure not to wear jewelry when jumping on the trampolines and most importantly in the foam pits. Jewelry can get caught and cause injuries. There is alert personnel on duty at all times to make sure everyone is having fun and staying safe.

The Aerosports Trampoline Park is a great and affordable place to take your family and friends for an afternoon of fun. It is also the perfect place for birthday parties! There is a large variety of snacks to choose from, so you can relax and treat yourself to a snack while your kids are jumping around on the trampolines.

Up for a competitive game of dodgeball? There is a dodgeball area for the entire family to enjoy! There is also free guest wifi for the parents and an arcade for the kids to enjoy. You can get a discount on your tickets by ordering online as well as get access to special deals and events.

This is a great place for adults as well. Jumping on trampolines is a great workout and you can do tricks like backflips with a lower chance of getting hurt. If you are having a birthday party for your kid, there is a host that will help with the party by doing things like serving the cake.

With the kids jumping on the trampolines, it gives the parents time to relax and relieve a lot of stress in the lounge area. The trampoline park also offers special pricing for children with disabilities so that they can experience the fun also.

Whether you are just passing through or live here in Corona, California, you definitely need to enjoy some time here. There is so much to do here so you won’t get bored. It provides a lot of fun for the entire family and stress-relief for the adults with the massage chairs.

The trampoline park is huge and has air conditioning so your visit will be very comfortable. The Aerosports Trampoline Park is a great place to have fun for all your friends and family. Learn more on their website and fill out their safety waiver before you visit to get in faster. If you’re searching for something else to do consider this place.

Aerosports Tramponline Park

280 Teller St #120, Corona, CA 92879
(951) 278-9769


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