Corona Fender Guitar Center

If you are in Corona, California, and are a fan of music, the Fender Guitar Visitor Center is an amazing place for you to visit and will absolutely blow your mind. The Fender Guitar Visitor Center opened in 1946 and ever since then it has been producing guitars for rock and roll stars. If you like to discover the way that things are made or are just really into guitars you would enjoy stopping by for a visit.

To give people a look into why Fender guitars are so amazing, the visitor center opened for business in 2011. If you are 12 or under admission is free and any age above that has just a mere $10 entry fee. When visiting the Fender Guitar Visitor center there will be tons of things to see and experience, including being able to see the process behind making a Fender guitar. You will be able to see throughout the tour of the factory a block of plain wood be shaped into a guitar nothing short of a masterpiece.

The precise skill and craftsmanship of 300 Corona guitar artisans working to create wooden perfection is a once in a lifetime sight that you will absolutely never forget. Not only will you be given the opportunity to see a Fender guitar be forged, but there is an art museum as well in which you can see the highest priced guitar in the world, the Pine Cone Stratocaster.

The Pine Cone Stratocaster is embellished with 550 diamonds that were each embedded individually by hand and forged by the master craftsman, Yuriy Shishkov. The guitar also has an 18 karat solid gold fingerboard. This amazing guitar is fully functional but has been put on display to keep it in pristine condition and allow for future generations to see it in it’s full beauty.

Guitars can be played straight off of the wall at the Fender Guitar Visitor Center. A jam room is set up for visitors to experiment and try out amplifiers and instruments. If you are someone who isn’t really into guitars or interested in the creation process of them, there are plenty of fascinating historical exhibits. Inside of the visitor center is a Hall of Fame in which visitors can see a full history of Fender’s rise to success.

On display in the visitor center is also a banner that has all of the song titles performed using Fender’s instruments, as well as many instruments that have been donated by famous musicians such as Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, and more. Additionally a guitar that was destroyed on stage by Ritchie Blackmore is on display for visitors.

Ever thought of owning a completely custom guitar tailored specifically to you? You have come to the right place because at the Fender Guitar Center you can customize a guitar to fit your exact style. You have complete creative control over your custom guitar and can pick from a plethora of different bodies, fret boards, shapes, and you can even decorate your guitar in a custom paint job that has never before been seen on the Fender production line. Once you have forged your custom masterpiece Fender will have it shipped directly to your door in 90 days or less and ready to play any song you throw at it.

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Fender Guitar Visitor Center

301 Cessna Cir, Corona, CA 92880
(951) 898-4040


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