Local Farm With Strawberries and Animals

Young adults can learn a lot while visiting a local Oxnard favorite; Crops and Critters. You can visit and tour the ranch, strawberry farm and enjoy farm animals that are tamed. These are animals like never before! Then visitors can visit the Historic Farm Park which is where they can see the many types of machinery and all the equipment that have been used over the years. You can see how the machinery has progressed for ranchers and farmers over time.

The animals are retired 4-H animals or they were impounded and needed homes. They definitely found amazing homes! This original environment allows people of all ages to have an experience like never before. The McGrath Ranch is one of the most aged in the county and helps teach people all things ranching and farming.

Also, students can learn about a large variety of things from the previous years including:

– How food was stored and kept without refrigeration

– How people got around without the transportation today

– A meeting place for villagers by saloons

– Crimes offenders could be jailed for

– Barbers becoming ‘dentists’

This isn’t just a farm on an exhibit for guests to see. It is an actual farm that is being used and worked on. Students can see how crops are harvested and planted, they can also learn about the different animals on the farm. They learn about how the animals need their individual needs and requirements. You can discover more about the history of Ventura County farms that are still essential in this time and day.

Locals and guests have loved the experience of Crops and Critters for many different reasons. Instead of a petting zoo, kids can safely enjoy the time with tame farm animals and make many memories. Anyone can take away some great information and have long lasting memories of their experience.

When planning your experience here, you can choose from a 1.5 or 2 hour tour. Don’t forget to notify the owners of any special thoughts you may think of. You will surely want to take your camera or any type of electronic so you can capture the moments between your family and the farm animals. Some animals you will see are goats, pigs, rabbits and way more!

Families are more than welcome to visit Crops and Critters on their own. It isn’t only to be for school trips, it can be for the family too. Funding for more family fun and adventures can be found by clicking here and here is another attraction that you might enjoy visiting in Oxnard.

Crops and Critters

5011 W Gonzales Rd, Oxnard, CA 93036

(805) 212-2926


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