Theaters of Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland is a city with a vibrant theater scene. From historic venues like Playhouse Square and the Allen Theatre to newer stages like the Mimi Ohio Theatre, there are plenty of options for those looking for an evening of live entertainment. Whether you’re looking for a Broadway show or an intimate local performance, Cleveland has something for everyone. Here’s a guide to some of the city’s best theaters.

Playhouse Square

Playhouse Square is one of Cleveland’s most beloved theaters. This historic venue opened in 1921 as the flagship theater house of the Shubert Organization, and today it houses several stages, including the State Theatre, Hanna Theatre, and Connor Palace. With its ornate interiors and classic design, Playhouse Square is a must-see attraction in Cleveland.

Allen Theatre

The Allen Theatre is another iconic theater in Cleveland. Located in Playhouse Square, this venue was first built in 1921 and was originally known as the Allen Memorial Theater—named after John L. Allen, a major benefactor of the theater. The building underwent extensive renovations in 2012 and now hosts national touring shows, concerts, and special performances throughout the year.

Connor Palace

Connor Palace is one of Playhouse Square’s largest theaters—it can seat up to 2,600 people—and it’s home to many of the city’s most popular Broadway shows. Since its grand opening in 1922, this venue has been host to numerous theatrical productions and concerts from around the world.

Hanna Theatre

Hanna Theatre is another historic gem located inside Playhouse Square. Built in 1910 as part of The Play House complex (one of America’s first regional repertory theaters), it was renovated in 2014 with state-of-the-art seating and sound systems. Today it features both contemporary plays and classic works by Shakespeare and other playwrights alike.

The Liminis

The Liminis is an intimate black box theater located on Detroit Avenue near West 25th Street that offers an eclectic mix of music performances, comedy acts, plays, and more. This small space has hosted some great shows over the years that have attracted audiences from all around the city.

Mimi Ohio Theatre

Finally, Mimi Ohio Theatre is a relatively new venue located on East 14th Street near West 25th Street that focuses on original works created by local artists. This small space offers an intimate experience where audience members can get up close and personal with performers while enjoying their artistry firsthand.

Cleveland has plenty of options when it comes to staging entertainment; with its rich history of theaters and vibrant scene for live performances, there’s something for everyone here! Our website listed above provides more information on each venue if you’re interested in learning more about what they offer!

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