Getting a Vehicle Title Loan Without a Title in California

The first question you need to ask yourself is it necessary to get a title loan in California?

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Emergencies, that is financial emergencies, come up before anyone can anticipate and at times you just don’t have enough money in your bank savings account or emergency funds to cover what it is needed.  There are, however, short-term loans that can provide access to simple, fast, money when you have an unexpected expenses, financial emergency, or something else rears its ugly head.  A title loan, also known as a pink slip loan, or vehicle collateral loan, are one way to get back on your feet quickly since you have poor credit or a poor credit history and they offer the ability to get money quickly with an application process that is fairly simple and straightforward.  Let’s cover what requirements are necessary to get a title loan in California.

Is the Vehicle’s Title Required to Get a Car Title Loan?

Let us cover each of these step by step and what the requirements are.  Generally , there may be some confusion as to what’s needed to qualify for a car title loan. One of the most common question we hear is, “Can I get a title loan with no title?” Family Title Loans has your answer here.

Title Loan Requirements

First and foremost, you must have a car, pickup truck, motorcycle, RV, or some sort of car or vehicle to get an auto title loan in California.  The loan will be based off of the equity in your vehicle.  That means your vehicle, or whatever, must be worth something so your lender can feel comfortable about giving you a loan and your vehicle will be used as collateral.  Almost every single lender who deals in title loans in California is going to want your title to be free and clear of liens before you can get approved for a pink slip loan in California.  Let’s dig into this more.

When a car, truck, motorcycle or other vehicle has a lien on it that means a lender has first place on getting that vehicle if you don’t pay.  A title loan lender is not going to want to go into second place and loan you the money because if you don’t pay your first loan, the second lender may not get paid.  So, if you do have a loan on your vehicle the first step is to get that paid off.  In some cases if the loan is small enough and/or your vehicle is worth enough you can get the original loan financed into a title loan – but understand that the interest rate may go up.

Essentially having a clean title on your vehicle means that you are the owner and there are no outstanding liens against your car or truck.  Furthermore, in most cases you will need a non-salvage title– or a rebuilt title–to get the highest possible loan.  In California, the minimum amount you can get for a car title loan is $2,500 according to state law of the department of business oversight.

Have you misplaced your title?

Being approved for a loan without having a title that is free from liens is not usually possible for a lot of borrowers because the lender doesn’t want to risk not getting paid.  If you are trying to get a car title loan because you can’t locate the original title you can get a new title from the California department of motor vehicle.

You can do some research here to see what’s needed for that process. Once you have the title to your vehicle, you’re able to get a title loan in no time at all.

Vehicle collateral loans can be a helpful tool when you have an unexpected financial emergency.  It can be a quick process to get the money quickly.  Whatever the case, apply here at Family Title Loans or contact us TOLL FREE at (844) 254-7170

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